"It is a rarity these days to find this sort of gem let alone find the talent to be able to create and convey this passion. Fear Report's music is honest, straightforward, emotional, and most importantly, it totally rocks! The album Pandemic hits home in so many ways it's hard to nail down just one. They take on the struggles of life spinning out of control in the song "Viral," to showing their support to the troops in the fitting song "The Front Line." "Rear View Mind" touches on not being able to move forward if you're always looking back. My favorite song on the album is "Paper Wings and a Handgun," a very emotional song questioning one's existence and wondering if what you've done up to that point was good enough... Fear Report are here to prove to the world that you can write about real life and still be a kick ass rock band. They have amazing guitars, rock solid rhythms and a vocalist who is not afraid to wear his emotions for everyone to see... I would recommend Fear Report to everyone and then I would have everyone buy Pandemic and take this musical journey with them as they are set and primed to take over the world."

"Spitting and snarling their way out of New York, Fear Report could just be about to save the world of rock 'n' roll. Delivering a powerful punch of twin guitars, thunderous basslines and frontman Dan O'Berry's raw, whiskey-soaked vocals, second track 'Bloodrust' is the highlight here. A heavy slice of alt-rock that sounds like it's come straight out of Quicksand's back catalogue, hopefully this isn't the last we hear of these boys."
-Rock Sound Magazine, Issue 132, Page 29

"The band... nail it with the last song on the album, "Paper Wings and a Handgun."
-Powerplay Magazine, Issue 142, Page 60

"I can say for a change, I listened to rock and came out feeling better for it."

"Two things are key here, maybe a third. One is the immense rhythm section which is both precise and relentless. Second is the guitar work; Fear Report could steal a page from many current modern acts and simply offer massive riffage in chord arrangements. But not this clan. There's some hearty and hefty guitar solos here. The third might be the depth of the song arrangements. While the songs are cast in a heavy motif, there's adequate creativity, melody, hook, and variation to make the songs both intriguing and entertaining."
-Dangerdog Music Reviews

"What I love most about this band is that they come across like a damn good group of real dudes. This stuff comes from the heart. It's real. It's dark and painful at times, positive and inspirational at times, and pretty much runs the gamut across human emotional experience (you know, like real life)... this record just flat out rocks."